Baltimore Cease Fire


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BGV’s (Josh Lay) Baltimore Cease Fire Written By: L. Smith, B. Dawkins, J. Lay, F. Lawal, S. Walker, G. Briscoe, L. Clark, M. Lynch, C. McSears, T. Wilson, C. Smith Von Vargas Music/SESAC, Royal Artists Publishing/ASCAP Admin by Zinc Music, Nevets Reklaw Words/ASCAP, Josh Lay Music/ASCAP, Munis Oluwafemi Lawal/ASCAP Charles Jamal Smith/ASCAP Produced By: Von Vargas, Acoustic Guitar By: Blaqstarr Vocals Recorded & Mixed at CD Studios, Baltimore MD. Additional Vocals Recorded By: Marc “Ahlon” Kornegay, Tedra Wilson, Blaqstarr Mastered By: Tony Dawsey at Phantom Mastering, Ellenwood, GA. Contact:



Ask me got the town looking stupid/Cuz another chump round here shooting /That’s another punk round here shooting /Gun fire gun fire shots going poof poof /Hear the cops come whoop whoop Call the ambulance whoop whoop /Cease Fire Cease Fire Peace signs up put the guns down Cease Fire

Verse 1 (Von Vargas)
Self Destruction raised the city murder rate Hate turned this place to a straight murder state Praying cuz them bullets got no names With them shots go bang through the top ya brain Got the headline saying Innocent got slain This bout insane, This is not our Lane Man My n#%^ “D” got smoked Can u feel the grief I cope

Verse 2 (Greenspan)
Read him his rights he a dead man walking long as he think he is Teach him how to fix his talking now who he think he is N#%* n#%* n#%* how you figure figure figure That’s a powerless perspective but a king is much bigger Whatcha see when you calling ya brother dummy Calling this dummy brother To set up another sucka Gave away all ya power collaborate with a coward While I’m still here I wish you peace and good health People of power


Verse 3 (Femi The Drifish)
Our streets filled with blood So where’s the love We losing dignity in front of the judge The whole city’s on a death watch Bodies drop, when will it stop Bmore at war, among the poor People dying families torn Set up to fail and take the fall They kill you over things not willing to die for

Verse 4 (Smallz & The Boy Blesst)
They shooting, that’s stupid, it’s getting outta hand They stretching out ya fam, while they stepping out the van The crazy part about it, they recorded on cam D#%! What happened to the, I’m black I’m good for The kings and queens an, the brown & sugar Shots around the hoodlums like street signs If your street wise you’ll keep quiet Each side throw a peace sign, Straight from the mouth of Smallz and B-L-EEZ mind Cease Fire


Verse 5 (Ill Conscious)
The Media send us repeated offenses the devious Ventures are the weak and the street just feed the agenda While they reaching for extensions they keeping attention they bleed a magenta Ain’t no peace the police in deeper contention Sick of the innocent dropping the bigger the boxes We singing the toxic ways while the villain is popping What’s the synopsis Cease Fire warn ya brothers Put that energy in something worth loving (the balance)

Verse 6 (Martina Lynch)
Never got our 40 acres so u know we steal them Never learned to love our neighbor so U know we kill them Self hate got us out here setting death dates In a prison well paid screaming that we’re self made Don’t you understand this is chess and that’s a check mate And they love to catch us enslave us with a cell mate It’s a massacre, I just speak the truth like the pastor does I lost my brother too much shedding blood (Put The Gun Down)

Verse 7 (Preme)
Rest In Peace Mel Died from the heat shells You in God’s hand so you still beheld It’s real how it goes down code in these streets Still selling their soul now is something like retail That’s why I speak peace Imma tell the streets reach higher Drug murderers to retire Imma do this till I’m covered in dirt and meet Siah It’s a movement in the verse tell em Cease Fire (Cease Fire)

Verse 8 (TT The Artist)
Product of this environment, cycle after cycle Dreamed of playing ball, could’ve been the next Micheal Or the next Obama see he really was a scholar Made a promise to his momma if he made it out of college Change the world and shift the mountains just to get her out the projects Born in 99′ read his eulogy Another black body on the insta feed Hash tag Cease Fire Rest In Peace

Verse 9 (Blaqstarr) Time after time how many times another body get found How many times they goin say hey who did it Think it ain’t written, My n#%* you tripping The lie master say it you say he simon he said it You wanna find out who tripping they wanna find out who did it The lie master say it you say he simon he said it You wanna find out who tripping they wanna find out who did it (Put the gun down Cease Fire)