About the song ” Baltimore Cease Fire”

This past August a group of peace mediators from my hometown Baltimore, Md. planned a Ceasefire weekend due to the countless numbers of homicides this past year. They called for 72hrs of peace. While many thought it was a stupid idea, to be honest it was a start towards peace and no murders as a solution.

When I first saw the promotion for Baltimore Cease Fire (A 72hr Peace Challenge) my reaction was “it’s a shame that we have to ask people not to take the life of another”. Then I was speaking to my good friend and colleague Michelle who told me more about it. She also asked if I could promote it. My then reaction was “As an artist maybe I can add even more value by composing a song in the vein of the classic “Self Destruction” along with a gang of other Bmore Artists…I think that’ll be great to see”. She said that it would be dope and felt like it would be great as well. So for the first month I kept it in mind hoping that it would come to fruition.

As more murders occurred I eventually said to myself that our city not only needs this Baltimore Cease Fire campaign but also needs to hear artists who represent our City come together with our talents to compliment the campaign. So I reached out to many artists, some wanted to participate but couldn’t b/c of schedules, a few didn’t respond at all, some were game, with the right intentions in heart, but just wasn’t successful with making it happen, some responded immediately and got right to it.

Needless to say after going back & forth for a month scheduling with my fellow Baltimore Bred Artists the song “Baltimore Cease Fire” was born. 11 artists. 1 Cause, 1 Song. Here’s the video. As an advocate for justice bringing hope, peace and unity to a genre that normally lacks it, I’m so glad I had the opportunity to make history! I hope you like it.

“Baltimore Cease Fire” Von Vargas ft. Greenspan, Josh Lay, Femi The Drifish, Smallz, Blaqstarr, TT the Artist, Martina Lynch, Ill Conscious, Preme, and The Boy Blesst.