I began djing at the age of 14. Watching hip hop groups in the late 80’s inspired me to touch turntables and a mixer. The joy of having a neighbor who had his own set caused me to make my way to his house often just to play on his dj set. A few years later my parents bought me one turntable and a dj mixer. Having only one didn’t bother me because my father had an extra one in the house that was his. This was the one my pops would play his records on when my brothers and I were super young. Records like Michael Jackson, Prince, We Are The World, Tramaine Hawkins and more. Though it was an older belt drive turntable that didn’t match the newer one I had, I still found a way to use it and hone my skills.

Growing up in high school as a dj I made a name for myself djing high school dances, parties, weddings, djing at many of the hottest clubs in Baltimore, selling mixtapes, and eventually showing other upcoming djs the ropes. Djing is something that has made me a better music creator. Now I enjoy including in my DJ sets music that I’ve created just as much as hot new or classic records.
I find a joy about djing. I love it and no matter how far I may get away from it at times, I always find myself back with it. So much that I’ve incorporated it in my “one man band” stage performances as a hip hop artist.