“…The established emcee spits with a fury harder than most in his city and the rap game, at large, in comparison.” Elevator Mag Tre Alston

“Von Vargas shines on energetic new single… Lyrically, there’s an edge and grit to his approach. There isn’t much wasted time over the two minute,
59-second offering.” Kazi Magazine -Armon Sadler 

“His giveback to the community is providing an opportunity to all people in the industry.”

” I don’t know how they’re treating you down in Baltimore, but this joint is Hot right here!!!” DJ Flex WPGC 95.5 FM (Washington D.C. ‘s Radio Personality)

“Our sincere thanks and appreciation goes to Von Vargas for sharing his knowledge and music so that young people can make informed decisions and be empowered to make a difference in their own lives.” -National Urban League

“When observing his ability to reach students through his raps the response it elicits is Phenomenal!”  Maryland Educational Opportunity Center Cheneeda Carter 

“Many Baltimore rappers have sold their mixtapes in Lexington Market, but MC/producer Von Vargas is almost certainly the first to write an album about the historic downtown market. World Famous Lexington Market takes an affectionate but never saccharine look at Vargas’ hometown with tracks like “Maryland Crab” and “Hippodrome,” and features a guest appearance by the Boy Blesst and production from Banga Bill. The album will be released on Oct. 26, but can be streamed now at” The City Paper / Al Shipley 

“I just wanted to thank you for being so patient and professional at The Soundry. You were definitely worth the wait! I hear your performance was amazing and that you had the whole room up dancing. I don’t think we have ever had a performer get the whole room dancing. We would love for you to come back again.” The Soundry / Jennifer

“Von Vargas is a guy that had been lurking around the Baltimore hip-hop scene for longer than I’d been paying attention to it, and somehow I never really heard his music until this album dropped a couple months ago, and went and interviewed him and learned about his long history in the game. I love these kinds of smart, solid underground rap albums that can only be made with a lot of heart and experience.” The City Paper / Al Shipley 

Went to your site, listened to your music, loved it! Very thought provoking,…Best of luck with your career, you are extremely talented, much better than what I see on TV.” Shanklin Media / William Shanklin


– 2019 & 2018 Baker Award Finalist
– Baltimore County Executive Citation
– Empowering Youth Award
– The National Urban League
– Free to Breathe Jam Fest
– The American Lung Association
– Defeat The Violence Award
– Mentoring Academics Athletic Partnership Appreciation Award
– The Maryland Department of Juvenile Services Mentoring with Style
– Maryland State Department of Education
– RAW Artist 2012 Nominee
– 2012 Top Ten Albums for City Paper

– Dinner Coat Dope (Album) Upcoming Summer 2020
– Made to Out-stand (Single) March 2020
– Good-X’s (Single) April 2020
– Goes It Goes (Single) March 2020
– Air (Single) March 2020
– Royal (Single) Feb 2020
– 3220 the Soundtrack (Various Artist Album) Oct 2019
– Still Gucc (Single)April 2019
– Royal (Single), 2020
– Music Producer for Voices of Carmen Stage Play 2019
– 3220: The Soundtrack, 2019
– Still Gucc (Single), 2019
– BSB Marriage Conference (Theme Song Producer) 2018
– Baltimore Cease Fire (Campaign Theme Song) (Single), 2017
– Metropolis Binocular, 2017
– More Than Fame (Single) 2017
– Paradise Forever (Single), 2017
– Red Lips (Single), 2015
– No Tomorrow (Single), 2013
– Burn (Single), 2012
– World Famous Lexington Market, 2012
– Fly Bella Donna Mixtape (Prod. by Von Vargas), 2012
– Foreve’r Christiano, 2010
– Run DMV Mixtape, 2010
– The Hit List Mixtape w/ DJ S.O.P, 2010
– The Scarlet Letter Mixtape, 2008
– WTTE Harvest Vol. 2, 2008
– Overlooked & Underrated Champ Mixtape, 2007
– The Harvest Vol. 1, 2004
– Changes w/ Dickies Workwear (Radio/ Television Hip-Hop Ad), 2003
– Gold Valley (Radio Hip-Hop Ad), 2003
– The Got Skillz Compilation, 2003
– Charm City Classics, 2002