Vargas is an emerging icon in the music industry. He’s a music artist, producer, songwriter, and an advocate for justice from Baltimore, Md. His music speaks to and for those who’ve been overlooked, outcasts, and impoverished. He’s passionate about creating music that highlights solutions to social ills that plague our communities. Born and raised on the Westside of Baltimore City his knowledge of the street mentality coupled with his profound ability to convey its pits and falls makes him essential in today’s music. He continues to leave motivational impressions on the hearts and minds of people across the globe. With his music, Von Vargas will continue to raise awareness and a standard.

Von is a 2018 Baker Artist Awards Finalist and an Alumni RAW Artist Nominee. He’s been featured on Hip Hop DX, Hip Hop TV Japan, Fusicology, Jukebox DC, DTLR Radio, numerous times in The Baltimore City Paper as well as other national and international media outlets. Von is responsible for Music Marketing Ads, Hip- Hop Ads and Campaigns for CBS Sports, United Healthcare, American Cancer Society, Changes Enterprises / Dickies Workwear, HBO/ Vice TV and more. His music has been aired on numerous Radio One Stations, as well as ESPN, HGTV, and BET to name a few. He shares a Stellar Award Nomination and in 2012 was rated one of the top albums of the year in the City Paper.

With his latest album, Metropolis Binocular and his passionate effort “Baltimore Cease Fire” theme song (available now on Streaming Platforms), Von’s hope is to make a difference through music. With his newest collaborative effort that he spearheaded and executive produced 3220 The Soundtrack, Von is dedicated to raising a $10,000 scholarship fund for Baltimore City College.

Von currently serves as President for the Washington D.C. Chapter of The Recording Academy® known for the Grammy Awards and as governor on the board for The Baltimore City College Alumni Association. He’s also the co-owner of Creative Development Studios, which allows him to maximize his talents while serving corporate clients, community clients and students of the Baltimore City Public Schools system.

“He continues to leave motivational impressions on the hearts and minds of people across the globe. With his music, Von Vargas will continue to raise awareness and a standard.”